How to use neeboor: Welcome to the real-place world!

Hack your living area! neeboor is a open community service that uses your location information to enliven your area.

Finding new spots, sharing new topics, finding new friends; you can use neeboor any way you wantπŸ‘Œ.

Find new ways to have fun using location information and map!

Share what you experienced now&here πŸ—―/Share information about the area

You can Shout πŸ—― to share information with location information tags.

Check nearby shouts or popular shouts to know what`s going on around you!

Shouts can also be shared to other social medias like twitter. Share unique content to your friends using neeboor!

Make a virtual room on your map! 🏠

Rooms 🏠 in neeboor are virtual rooms you create on your map to interact with other users with similar interests. Create rooms leverage the location information! The possibilities are infinite.

You can create your own unique room by customizing the room (theme colors, skins, etc.). If you want to stay anonymous, turn on mask settingsπŸ‘Œ.

Also, when masked rooms are shared to other social medias, your friends can anonymously join the room!

● Room for locals of a town 🏠

● Community room for workers in LA🏒

● Room for student dorms πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“

● Room for people who passed this station πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

● Show me your catch! People fishing at Venice Fishing Pier🐟

● People watching the game in the Dodger Stadium πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

Find friends or interesting users

What kind of people are around you? You can find interesting users and make friends.

Check the passerby page to view other users nearby, and check out their profile pages! Follow people that interest you and make a chance to interact with them.

Nearby Spots πŸ“/Original Spots

Create SpotsπŸ“ to tag the information of restaurants and venues to your shouts! If you don`t find a spot already, create one; you are the first to find that spot.

Also, spots are not restricted to "real" places (ex: "My favorite spot in this park"). Use your imagination to create unique spots.

How to use:

Now that you understand what neeboor is, let`s jump in to the details!

Account Registration ~ Settings

Account Registration

It only takes 10 seconds πŸ‘.

Tap "New Start" and choose your nickname πŸ‘±β€β™‚οΈπŸ‘©, user ID πŸ†”and password πŸ”‘. (Character requirements will be displayed accordingly.)

You can`t change your user ID afterwards, and don`t forget it because you`ll need it to login.

You can also set your profile picture to liven up your profile! The default icon is a little bit dull afterall...

When you`re done tap the "START" button to complete registration. A tutorial will begin.


After registration, you can change your settings anytime you want.

Tap the user icon on the top right of the initial screen (1), and tap the settings button (2).

Setting Categories:

●Nickname: You can change your nickname anytime. Change accordingly!

●Email: You`ll need this to reset your password when you forget! Highly recommended.

●About Yourself: Other users will be able to read your profile. Be creative!!

●Profile Picture: Set your own icon!

●Activity Base: Choose an area where you`re usually active in. *Currently Activity Base cannot be seen by other users and is not used in neeboor services. Activity Base may be used in the future.

●Your "Nearby" Area: Decides the area radius of shouts and rooms you want to receive.

●Show Your Current Location to Other Users: Turn this on to know how far other users are from you. Your location will be updated by accepting the "Leave footprints on your current location?" alert. (Location information will never be updated without consent.)

●Activate Message Feature: Turn this feature on to send direct messages to friends. Only friends (mutually followed) can use this feature.

●Social Media Accounts: Link or unlink your accounts on other social media. You can share neeboor posts to other social media by linking.

●Push Notifications: Set the type of notifications you want to receive while the app is turned off (or none).

Incase you lose your password... Email Registration πŸ“©

You can`t login to neeboor without your password! If your email is not registered, you cannot reset it.

Go to account settings and tap the "Verify" button next to "Email".

Enter your email to receive the verification email. Tap on the URL included in the verification email to complete your verification! (The "UN-APPD" may remain after completion, but will disappear after restarting).

List / Map View

The main page, user page, spot page can be viewed in a list or map. Switch types with a simple swipe up/down!

View other users

Tap on the icon of other users to view their profile page. You can view their shouts, rooms, friends and favorite spots.

1. Follow/Status: Tap "Follow" to follow other users. Tap again to unfollow. You become "Friends" when you are mutually followed.

2. Follow/Following List: Tap the Follow/Following counter to view the users Follows and Followers.

3. About Me: Tap the "β†’" mark on the right to view the users full description.

4. Message: Directly message Friends (mutually followed). Tap the "i" icon above the following button and choose "MESSAGE".

5. Block: Tap the "i" icon above the following button and choose "BLOCK" to block users. To unblock, go to "FIND FRIENDS" in your user menu and find blocked users on the right side menu.

6. Report: Tap the "i" icon above the following button and choose "REPORT" to report users with inappropriate behavior.

View and react to Shouts

Tap ShoutsπŸ—―from the list to view Shout details. You can take actions to react to the Shout.

1. Favorite: You can favorite Shouts to view them in the "Favorites" category. Favorite shouts can be edited.

2. Echo: Echo Shouts to spread the word! You can share Shouts to nearby users and followers by echoing.

3. Like: Like shouts that you approve of πŸ‘.

4. Share: Share your Shout in neeboor to other social media. You can also copy the URL link.

5. Map: Check where the Shout was made.

6. Spot: The spot where the shout was made.

7. Hoot: Hoot at other Shouts to comment and interact!

8. Delete: Tap the "i" icon on the top right and choose "DELETE" to delete your own shouts.

9. Report: Tap the "i" icon above the following button and choose "REPORT" to report inappropriate Shouts.

Post a Shout

To post a ShoutπŸ—―, tap the Shout icon on the top right of the main screen.

2. Enter your Shout text here.

3. Tap here to Shout from a spot and choose a spot.

4. Tap here to include a picture.

5. Turn on Home Mode to hid your location information.

6. Tap here to share to other social media.

7. When you`re all set, hold to post. The longer you hold, the wider area you can spread your Shout to! Slide while holding to cancel your post.

Entering Rooms and Settings

You enter Rooms 🏠by sending a message in the Room.

*You can enter Rooms with passcodes πŸ”‘just by entering the correct passcode. Rooms invited by friends can be entered by tapping "ENTER ROOM" button.


Tap the "i" button on the top right of the room and you will see:

1. Pinned Messages: Turn this icon ON to only see pinned messages πŸ“Œ. Turn it off to see all messages.

2. Location: You can view where the Room was built and the area of the Room.

3. Share: Share Room to other social media accounts or copy the URL link.

4. Edit Settings: Shown when you`re the owner of the Room. Tap when you want to edit settings.

5. Members: You can view the members of the Room here.

6. Invite: You can invite other users to Rooms that you have entered.

7. Mute: Turn this icon ON to mute notifications from this Room.

8. Leave: Leave the Room. You can re-enter this Room for 72 hours. The owner of the Room cannot leave.

9. Report: Report inappropriate Rooms here.

10. Close: Shown when you`re the owner of the Room. You can close and dispatch the Room here. You cannot redo this action.

Room messages

You can send text or pictures/location information in Rooms 🏠. You can Like❀️ messages as well.

When the Room is masked, all Room members are anonymous and shown with the mask icon. Same users are shown in the same mask color icon, but repeated when there are over 200 users.


Room owners can take the following actions by tapping the user icons of messages:

1. Delete messages.

2. PinπŸ“Œ important messages.

3. Ban other users.

Become a room owner

1. Users can become an owner by creating their own Room. To build a Room, tap the Room Create button in the main screen.

2. Title: Choose a title for your Room!

3. Color&Background: Customize the background and text color, skins for your Room.

4. Mask: Turn on mask settings to make all room member anonymous. Users from other social medias can enter masked rooms from the URL link. *This setting cannot be changed later.

5. Key (Passcode): Turn on Key settings to set a passcode for the Room. Other users will need a passcode to enter the Room.

6. People Wanted: Set the area and radius of the people you want in the Room. Only users in the selected area will be able to enter the Room. Masked Rooms, however will accept users outside of the area when entering from a URL link.

7. Spot: Set a spot to make it more realistic! Spot will make Rooms more noticeable.

8. Share: Share Rooms to other social medias!

View Spot information

You can view detailed information of Spots by tapping the Spots from Shout and Rooms.

You can find the Shout, Room, users that favorited users, Spot phots in the Spot page. You can see the following information as well:

1. Name and Type: Name and type of the spot.

2. Favorite: When you favorite Spots, you will receive notifications when Rooms or Shouts are made on the Spot.

3. Last Updated: Shows the user who last update the Spot.

4. Spot Update: Update the Spot here.

Also, Spot Pictures can be added from the Spot picture list. For example:

● Pictures of BBQ at a campsite

● Pamphlets or posters on an event

Create/Edit a Spot

When you want to tag a Spot to a Shout or Room, you can either select an existing Spot or create a Spot. Anyone can create a Spot!

1. Tap the CREATE SPOT

2. Name: Name of the Spot.

3. Description: Describe the Spot (not required).

4. Type: Select the type of the Spot from the list.

5. Location: Set the location of the Spot.


1. I found an inappropriate user. What should I do?

Tap the REPORT button from the User, Room, Shout menus to report inappropriate user posts.

2. Turn off notifications

You can turn off notifications from your phone`s settings, but you can also turn off specific types of notifications from neeboor.

(1) Notification settings from user settings

● Open the submenu from user menu settings βš™.

● Select the types of notifications you want to turn off in the Push Notifications section and save.

(2) Turn off notifications of specific Rooms

You can turn off notifications of Rooms that you are a member of.

If you don`t want to receive notifications from the Room, turn on "MUTE" from Room settings.

*Even if you turn off notifications with (1) and (2), you can view actions from the "ACTIVITY" page in the user settings page.

3. I forgot my password, how can I reset?

If you`re Email was registered beforehand, your password can be reseted.

Tap the "Forgot your password?" in the login screen and enter your email.

An email will be sent to the address; follow the guide and reset your password.

4. Is location information necessary?

neeboor is a service that uses location information to share information and connect with other users. neeboor therefore requires your location information.

However, location information can be turned off in the app.

5. What can I do by sharing to other social medias

Shouts πŸ—― and Rooms 🏠 can be shared to other social medias (twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat).

You can share interesting content, and masked rooms can be entered by anyone to enjoy anonymous forums and chatrooms.



(1) Create a Room

Don`t forget to mask your rooms.

(2) Share the Room

The Room will be shared in twitter in this example.

(3) Users who see the Room enter

Users can tap the Room picture in the tweet and enter a Web page version of neeboor.

(4) Interact in the Room!

Masked Rooms allow users to interact anonymously in neeboor without downloading the app. (Social media usernames stay anonymous as well.)

6. What happens if I leave neeboor?

You can leave neeboor from the user settings submenu (bottom).

After leaving you will be able to recover your account after 30days. Therefore your account information will be hidden for 30 days but not completely deleted.

The following data will not be deleted:

● Room messages, direct messages: because they are numerous small sized messages

● Spots, Spot Pictures: because neeboor considers Spots valuable information, and can effect other users as well

7. How is neeboor different from twitter?

neeboor is based on location information, you can create temporary Rooms to easily form communities.

For example, if neeboor users are nearby, users can interact and find each other using location (at concerts, stadiums, camps, etc.) instead of hashtags.

It`s also convenient when you want to create open chat spaces on twitter (masked room URLs).

8. How is it different from Facebook?

You connect with your real name in facebook.

In neeboor, you connect based on location using nicknames.

Also, neeboor is an open service, and shared content can go viral. You can aim to go viral on neeboor πŸ‘.

9. How is it different from Life360?

Life360 is an location app as well, but is used to keep track of family members and friends. neeboor is not an app to keep track of the locations of other users; it is used to find interesting spots and users that surround you.

10. How is it different from meetup?

meetup mainly connects with local communities or events, but neeboor is nonrestricted other than location. You can forget signing up for event forms and freely share content.